Crystal 4 Mar 09, 2018
Big Data, BI and Analytics 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Ever wondered what the real differences are between Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence? They’re all just reports, right? In this session we will uncover the differences between Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence using real world business scenarios, and how to think about each to better interpret your data. Come away with an understanding of when to use each approach and how they impact the outcome of your business choices. Understand the intended functionality of, and requirements for, both the Operational Reporting approach and the Business Intelligence approach to reporting. Identify common real world business scenarios and learn when and how to use either Operational Reporting, Business Intelligence or both. Understand the impact that effective, or ineffective Operational Reporting and/or Business Intelligence can have on your business. Learn how to easily identify when to use an Operational Reporting approach or a Business Intelligence approach. Learn how to simplify your report creation workflow with helpful planning and layout tips.

Orbit Analytics


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